Thursday, February 11, 2010

Phyzique Above Ground Fire Pit

Do you want to unwind after a long hard day at work? Do you want to create memories with family and friends? Too much T.V. watching and video game playing going on? We have one solution that is sure to bring joy and peace to everyone in your life.

Pyzique Fire Pits are the answer!

Basic package includes:

-56 Regular Pyzique blocks (4 layers)

-1 Pilot Rock fire ring (no cooking grates)

-Gravel inside fire pit

-Installation (area must be prepped and ready to be installed)

Price for this package is $448.00

So call or email to start creating outdoor memories with your family and friends.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pyzique Antique Colored Block Options

-Antique Charcoal
-Antique Rust Charcoal Blend
-Antique Buckskin Brown Blend
-Antique Sunrise Deep Brown
-Antique Buckskin
-Antique Buckskin Charcoal Blend
-Antique Red Charcoal Blend
-Antique Rust
-Antique Natural Gray

Some Completed Fire Pit Projects

Pyzique Color Options

-Sunrise Deep Brown Blend
-Buckskin Brown Blend
-Rust Charcoal Blend
-Red Charcoal Blend
-Buckskin Charcoal Blend
-Natural Gray